Sunday, 10 August 2014

Barry M Review

I am a huge Bazza M fan. It's by far my favourite nail vanish collection. In general I have a huge obsession with painting my nails, I'm trying to get more into nail art but I don't have the steadiest hand which is kind of a needed for nail art. I'm starting of very basic, but practise makes perfect ey. My nails are quite strong and long (hey that rhymed) so I don't see the point in getting gels or acrylics at the moment. I love being able to paint my nails every few days. I tend to do it to match my mood which is a little strange. I also have a thing about not having them all the same colour. When Made In Chelsea first started, Caggie always had her nails different pastel colours, and I just thought this looks uber cute so I started doing it.
I just really like contrasting colours, having my thumb a different colour or adding a bit of glitter. Maybe this is because I suck at nail art so this is the extent of my talent. But I love it.
I don't even know how many nail varnishes I own but let's just say I have a lot. They are all in a cute little box I got from GlossyBox ( It doesn't exactly look organised but I tend to loose nail vanishes so it keeps them all together and it's just an adorable box that I didn't want to get rid of. So as you can see, my fabulous effort at nail art has expanded to little dots on my thumb. I definitely need to improve on this.

I have 14 Barry M nail vanishes and I love them all. But it will be awfully boring for me to review them all, so I've picked my favourite 5 (picture on the right).

This colour is one of my new additions to my Barry M family but it's super cute. Its called Peach Melba. This is one of the only colours which I paint all my nails with and don't mix with others. Its just so springy (if that's a word) and looks really cute with a summer outfit. This is one of those colours which looks great in everyday life. Its just really adorable and feminine.

So I am a huge fan of pink nail vanish. It's for sure one of my favourite colours. I know many people think its quite childish and can look tacky, but this colour in particular I think is really subtle and girly. It is called Dragon (odd choice of name). Its one of my favourite nail vanishes overall, and I think this is the second one I've bought. This is from the Gelly collection at Barry M and I for sure love this collection. I think they stay on for a good amount of time, aren't hassle to use and tend not to chip as much, so I would definitely recommend the Gelly vanishes. This colour gives a great pop of colour to a black or white outfit but still staying feminine and girly. I love it!

I've always been quite scared to use/wear anything orange, because I'm ginger and I've always thought 'Oh no I'm going to look like a walking wotsit'. I've done quite a bit of research on matching colours to your hair colour, and a lot of people suggest that red and orange can look really nice with ginger hair. So I took the leap and thought I would try this colour out and I absolutely love it. I've worn it a lot over summer, its just so bright and fits so well into the current trends. This one is called Mango. So if you are looking for an orange nail vanish that doesn't look so tacky and neon, then this is a great choice.

Blue nail vanish is defiantly a must have. This is also a part of the Gelly collection and is a great girly blue colour. I think so many people just associate blue as being a boy colour but I think that this colour in particular is quiet girly. It's quite a light colour and I think much better than navy or a darker blue. I have also used this colour (Blueberry) when painting all my nails different colours, especially when I'm using pastel colours I think it goes fantastically.

Lastly, white is basically essential to have in life. I've tried quite a few different white nail vanishes and this is by far the best. I find with white you have to do quite a few coats to get a beaut, bright white colour. But with this brand, the white seems to go on really nicely and it doesn't need many coats to get a really cute white colour. I use this so often, I think white nails look really elegant and classy. Also great with any other colour, especially black. You can't go wrong with a classic colour match like black & white, it's one of my favourites.

 Much Love

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