Friday, 25 July 2014


After the hardest but most exciting 3 years of my life, I'm leaving Brunel for good. This is a bitter sweet moment. I couldn't even describe this experience, it was life lesson!! There is so many ways I could describe it.
I can't even believe when I was in sixth form I was considering not going, pretty much the best decision ever. Brunel was the best choice, it was like a little village. Everything you could need (alcohol, alcohol and more alcohol) was in walking distance. Basically, a students dream. Although I hated the typical 'I'm so poor' every 2 seconds. I may have spent 97.9% of my time worrying about money but it was well worth it. I think that's the one thing I won't miss, is not having much money but then again I loved living away from home and being independent.
I'm now an independent woman!! LOOOOL

I really don't think I could pick one highlight. I think third year was my favorite. Even though it was the toughest when it came to the work I made the bestest of friends in my third year and lived with some right legends who I hope will be life long friends. I mean freshers was amazing..the stuff I remember! Like chatting at 5 in the morning because we had nothing better to do, but the arguments I was unfortunately involved in, in first year made it a little difficult. I think first year made me more fun but also made me more argumentative and out-going. Seeing as I used to be the quite girl in the corner, I for sure won't let anyone walk all over me. Don't mess with Hayls.

I will miss all the great friends I made and I'm sure they will be life long friends.

Graduation could of possibly been the greatest most proudest day of my life. I may have only got a 2.1 but it was such a proud moment. I think my parents were proud, they don't really show much emotion. But it was the most special day.

Dress from Coast
Shoes from New Look
Pearl Bracelet from Thomas Sabo
Before Graduation -->

<-- Looking fit in my gown

Much Love xoxo

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