Tuesday, 29 July 2014

It's a problem free philosophy..Hakuna Matata!!

Pretty much ever since I was born, I have always been obsessed with Disney. Disney Barbie's, posters, bath toys, dolls, videos (DVD's when they were invented), songs and obviously thinking I'm a Disney princess. I always wanted to be Belle but these days I have so much love for the sea I think I would have to be Ariel. Plus I have red hair so that's perfect and how cool would it be to be a mermaid.

I definitely couldn't pick a favourite.. Beauty & the Beast, Lion King, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Snow White etc.. There is too many I love. Old Disney is for sure the best, I mean I love Tangled but I think the older Disney films and characters/songs are so much better. Maybe it's because, that is what I have grown up with. I had so many Disney princess outfits when I was little, my favourite was the gold ball gown Belle wore, I rocked that dress (awesome picture below).
I am currently trying to replenish all my old Disney videos onto DVD's. Disney DVD's are just so expensive. I know they are classic's but I'm no millionaire. So my plan is to be aware of Tesco's Disney deals and basically ask for one every year for my birthday/Christmas. So far I have received at least 2 every year..I'm getting there.

Last Christmas was extra special, instead of a DVD my mum bought me tickets to go and see Disney on Ice at the o2 Arena. I'm not going to lie I screamed. One of the best presents ever. It was such a good show and I came away with more merchandise than most of the children (a tad embarrassing) but who cares. It was a bit awkward that in the row where I was sitting the average age was about 4. Stood out like a sore thumb.

I have found that when I'm watching Disney films these days, you notice the darker side of the films which obviously when you are younger you haven't got the foggiest about. So I did a bit of research and was reading about the real stories of some of the Disney princess. They are a tad different to the films (by tad I mean a lot) but quite interesting, I would definitely recommend having a little read on the internet. I do think that as a child it gives children false hope about life. As for me, I was the na├»ve child that thought I was going to meet my prince charming and live in a castle. And here I am still living with my parents, worrying about first world problems and singing Disney songs to my dog. (Saaaaaaddd).

My love for Disney will never fade, I feel it will only get stronger. YES DISNEY!

Much Love xoxo

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