Friday, 25 July 2014

Start of my journey! (Cringe)

Soooo, I've started this blog to basically write my whole journey in the big bad world. Sounds cringe but I'm loving life and I love everything to do with social media and being a Bzzzz. What better way to feed my addiction (least I'm not addicted to drugs) than starting my own blog. Great idea right.

I do tend to talk quite a bit so this is perfect for me. Anything from general life questions to jobs to fashion. I love so much in life, the possibilities are endless. 
Hope you enjoy, even if it is just a little. That's Cool.

So Hi world I'm Hayley (Known by Hayls), I have fabulous ginger hair which I love lots. Its my trade mark and I'm definitely a proud ginger.
20 year old graduate ready to take on London. Bring it.

Much Love xoxo

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