Monday, 28 July 2014

Yes I'm still unemployed!

So my life currently consists of looking for jobs, making a brew, looking for more jobs, watch Jeremy Kyle and continue job searching!

I'm not gonna lie and say it's the most thrilling experience's definitely not. I am so determined to keep looking and find a job that I know I will rock at. For me that is PR. I have such a passion for PR and social media. This is definitely the industry I want to go in to. So far it's been pretty clear that there is so many jobs in London, but the competition is stiff. 

I couldn't count how many times I have seen a job specification, then seen '1-2 years experience required'. If I see this again I will scream. It baffles me that so many companies want fresh talent (a graduate one would think) but are not willing to let a graduate show what they've got. So where in gods name are we ment to find jobs then?? In my opinion graduates are the ones that want the job more and are willing to work so much harder to fulfil their potential. 
I think it's so important to have an open mind and not give up. I've had a few interviews and too many rejections (it's almost embarrassing). You will never get anywhere without trying. I'm a massive trier and will NOT give up easily! If anything see every interview as relevant experience than you can learn from and use in the future! 

So basically, it's the hardest thing ever to maintain positive and keep going. It will all pay off in the end..I hope! 

JUST KEEP SWIMMING, JUST KEEP SWIMMING! (Lame irrelevant Finding Nemo quote) 

Much Love xoxo 

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