Tuesday, 30 September 2014

It's a must have..

As you probably know I have had real trouble/stress recently, trying to find a job or the perfect company who sees some potential in me. Finally I have been offered a Social & Digital Internship at a marketing company called WhyNot in London. It's paid as well so I'm really happy. It is pretty much suited perfectly to me. It is in the industry that I want to work in and will give me the opportunity to work with a great team, plus hopefully impress them and maybe land a full-time job at the end of it. For now I am just really thankful that a great company like WhyNot see a bit of potential in me.

I start on the 1st of October (which is tomorrow) so obviously a shopping trip was needed. Even though I have never had a full on proper job before but through previous experiences and general knowledge of how these offices work. I used this to help me get some new clothes,that would suit this environment. Here is a few items I bought shopping and some other pieces of clothing that I feel are essential to have in your wardrobe ready for the Autumn/Winter season at work. As far as I know and have seen in the office,it is very much smart/casual wear which suits me down to the ground, as I'm more comfortable in this style of clothing than really smart suit attire.

Starting from the shoes, I think it is pretty much common knowledge to have some black flat shoes for work. They go with everything and can just make an uber casual outfit that little bit more sophisticated. Seeing as my feet really just don't like shoes I have trouble getting shoes that are completely comfortable. When I was out shopping I bought some black suede flats with a gold chain type thing on the front. I got these from Primark for £12 and they were wide fit which is perfect for me because my feet are a little fat and I'm hoping they will fit me better. I recently just bought a pair of slip on leather look plimsolls from New Look. I'm very much a bit of a toy boy and love a good pair of trainers. I really like these style of plimsolls. I would wear them with either jeans, leggings or even a dress. They are really comfortable and I would 100% recommend them to everyone.


As I've already mentioned jeans and leggings are pretty much a must have for any wardrobe. For a work wardrobe they are still very much essential. I have huge beef with jeans. I don't think I have been able to find the perfect pair of jeans. I decided to try on a pair of light blue jeggings from Dorothy Perkins and thank the lord they fitted perfectly. I think for a work wardrobe it is also essential to have some black trousers just in case you need to look really smart. Me personally I am not a fan of black trousers, I find them really uncomfortable so this led me to the decision to buy a pair of peg leg style black trousers. They are really smart and also really comfortable, it's a must have. While we are on the subject of being smart, I am a huge fan of blazers. Therefore the need to have a beaut black blazer is also a must. This item will automatically smarten up a casual outfit and overall just make you look like a proper commuter on the train into London. I have a trusty blazer I bought last year from Next. It has a silk lining and is thick enough to keep you warm on a Autumn day. You also can't beat a lush pair of new glasses (if you wear them of course), I have been told it makes me look smarter so this was a must. Lastly having a killer handbag should just be general knowledge. You may have seen in a earlier post I was looking for the perfect handbag and I finally found one. The one I decided on was a grey pocket trim colour block tote bag from River Island (£40). It's a banging bag and is perfect to finish of my work look. I highly recommend getting a nice handbag if you are just starting a new job.

To finish off, I am a huge fan of shirts/blouse lover. You can't beat a shirt buttoned to the top with a cosy jumper over the top. This is pretty much what I am known for wearing. As my friends would say that's such a Hayley thing. Seeing as this is a serious obsession of mine I can't normally go shopping without buying a new shirt so my most recent shopping experience was no different. I ended up buying a patterned blouse from Primark (on the right). It's a combination of green, blue and grey colours which is the main reason why this
item stood out to me. The picture below combines this new buy with just SOME of my other blouses/shirts just were in my wardrobe.

Good luck to anyone starting a new job soon, getting a new work wardrobe is a must!!
Much Love

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