Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Post Birthday Blues.

I finally turned 21!!!! About Time.
My birthday is on the 31st of August so I'm pretty used to being the last birthday celebration. It has its pros and cons, but my 21st was seriously amazing. I had a night out with my favourites on the Saturday at MuMu's in Maidstone. I hired out a booth called the FatMan Booth (with an actual picture of a fat man on the wall) which was awesome. I also got a huge treasure chest cocktail which tasted like it had gallons of alcohol in it, so that suited me. It was an epic night! Chance to actually see who your true friends are, who bothered to come and celebrate with me. Truly have the best of friends #WeAreSoulMates

On my actual birthday (the Sunday) I had all my family and friends round for a massive BBQ and champagne. My family are known for doing epic BBQ's so it was on point. Loved every minute of it.

I was so lucky this year, I got so many more gifts and so much more money than I was ever expecting. Luckiest girl ever!! So I thought I would share some of my gifts with you guys.

So by far the best present was my Michael Kors watch. Most beautiful object I have ever seen in my life. Its rose gold and is basically a massive gangster watch. I'm not really fan of little watches, as I'm not really a small, sophisticate girl, the bigger watches suit me better I think. I've really wanted a Pandora ring for a while now, as I have a ring my Uncle Albert gave me about 7 years ago that I always wear and I wanted another silver ring to add to it. So my Aunt and Uncle bought me the cutest Bow Pandora ring (follow the hyperlink). Its uber adorable and I love it. 

A lot of the presents I got were either One Direction or alcohol related, which I loved. My family friends just know me to well. So related to this I got a 1D towel, pillow case, make up bag and Harry Styles socks (which I am wearing at this moment). Yes its a very sad obsession of mine but I love it and at least my family and friends have accepted this part of me. I think everyone see's me as an alcoholic which I am not, I just like a drink now and again (everyday more like haha). So I got wine, whiskey, loads of shot glasses and a personalized shot glass which was awesome. Got enough alcohol in this house for the world but I'm for sure not complaining.

I'm a huge lover or cards and this year I got absolutely cracking cards. Pretty much everyone has 21 on it, but I didn't receive the same card which I was well surprised at. My family and friends did well. So obviously my favourite card was my 1D card which had a badge aswell, best thing ever. You would never guess I was 21, such a child still.

So my closest girls (Russ, Alex, Amylee, Molly) are taking me to Harry Potter world as my birthday present too. I am so excited I nearly cried. I am a huge Hazza P fan and for some reason I haven't been there yet so it was such a good present. Super Duper Excited. Love my girls, they know me too well.
Check out the pictures. One lucky girl.



Happy Birthday to anyone else who has had a birthday over the last few weeks. Hope it was as special as mine.
Much Love


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